DISCOVER Morocco with  Brahim ELBAHRAOUI , a qualified tourist guide from High Atlas Mountains .



BRAHIM ELBAHRAOUI is a Moroccan qualified tourist guide from high atlas mountains . I am enthusiastic about Morocco and want you to discover all the beauty and hospitability of this wonderful country.

As I have local background as well as the experience of travelling around Morocco,I can show you the real face of Morocco in an unforgettable way. By travelling with me you have the chance to experience the glamour and the diversity of Morocco while having one of your most remarkable holidays in your life. In our trips we introduce you to this amazing and colourful country of beautiful nature, memorable cities, fascinating history, ancient traditions and friendly local people.

I work with local people (guides, muleteers, camel drivers and cooks) and we have many years of experience in leading tours all around Morocco. I have all the capabilities to make your holiday to be a memorable vacation.

I believe that my local roots and the way of travelling we do, is the best choice if you want to discover Morocco in an authentic but safely way with the help of professionals. I hope that once you travelled with me, you wish to come back again.

Travel with me and let's discover the beauty of Morocco together.